The Vipp Hotel: A Design Destination

Founded in 1939, Vipp is known for its large portfolio of kitchen and bathroom accessories, fixtures, and furniture. The company has now expanded into hotels to create a very different type of hospitality experience. While each location is unique, they all have a few things in common: minimalist aesthetics, maximalist materials and an appreciation for good design and architecture. There's now six Vipp Hotels around the world, with more to come soon. 

With international travel back in full swing, here we share the latest Vipp Hotels to open. From a countryside escape to an alpine refuge in the clouds, the Vipp Hotel is not a hotel in the traditional sense. Add these to your travel bucket list now! 

1. The Bolder Sky Lodge - Lysefjorden, Norway


Two one-legged cabins float high above Norway’s Lysefjord. These fully equipped, compact accommodations known as The Bolder Sky Lodges have been ranked by Forbes Magazine as one of the world’s 25 surprising places to sleep. And with views from this breathtaking vantage point, you are as close to sleeping in the clouds as you will ever get.  Designed by architect John Birger Grytdal from Norgeshus, the two-floor cube structure features floor to ceiling glazing wrapped in Canadian cedar wood, balanced on one steel pillar drilled 3.5 meters into ground.

Vipp Boulder Sky Lodge // Vipp451 Chair, Vipp530 Table Lamp, Vipp Ceramics

Vipp Boulder Sky Lodge 

Vipp Boulder Sky Lodge // Vipp525 Floor Lamp

Right across the bridge from the Copenhagen city centre, the area of Islands Brygge stretches along the Copenhagen canal. Here, Vipp has opened its 5th one-room-hotel in a Bauhaus inspired former pencil factory building from the 1930s. Nestled in a sunlit corner of the courtyard of the pencil factory lies a 90m2 apartment on the ground floor. The space has been through a one-year renovation by interior designer, Julie Cloos Mølsgaard, who have turned the open space kitchen and dining area, the double bedroom and the bathroom into a tactile treatment that is ready to accommodate design-conscious visitors.

Vipp Pencil Case // Vipp524 Wall Spot, Vipp Kitchen

3. Vipp Farmhouse - Lolland, Denmark


The old frames of a Danish farmhouse from 1775 have found new purpose as Vipp’s 4th hotel destination and adds plenty of farm-life feel to Vipp’s portfolio of one-room-wonders. Neighbouring endless fields, forests and green gardens, Vipp Farmhouse is a small habitat on the 1400 acres estate of Søllestedgaard situated in the countryside of Lolland. Whitewashed facades topped with a thatched roof equals a traditional Danish farmhouse. And checking into this former gardener residence is like stepping back in time. While the architectural shell retains the late 18th century style, the newly furbished interior brings us into the modern area of Scandinavian minimalism. Three bedrooms, a combined kitchen and living space, and a bathroom make up the 88 m2 residence.

Vipp Farmhouse 

Vipp Farmhouse

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