The Newest Furniture and Lighting from HAY.

The Newest Furniture and Lighting from HAY.

by Ben Downey
The Newest Furniture and Lighting from HAY.

Last month, HAY launched a brand-new collection of furniture and lighting, made in collaboration with a list of the best and brightest international designers. Available to order now, the collection includes HAY veterans Inga Sempé and GamFratesi as well as the first collaboration with Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken. Here, we present the latest releases from Danish design brand HAY.

Beds are the most comfortable pieces of furniture that exist, especially if you add a large choice of pillows to fit all the positions you want to hold. Pandarine is meant to exist like a bed: a soft mattress, on which the backrests are like huge and soft foldable pillows. The armrests are like comfortable bolsters, where you can also rest your head if a nap is on the program

Inga Sempé.

Pandarine Sofa
by Inge Sempé.

Inga Sempé's striking Pandarine sofa offers the indulgent comfort of a bed fused with high-level functionality and an elegant aesthetic. With its adjustable, hinged backrest, Pandarine can be modified to support any activity, from meeting to relaxing. It also features a choice between two distinctive armrests: a rounded armrest that evokes traditional sleeping sofas, and a flat, hinged armrest, which allows for the same enhanced flexibility as the backrest.

Arbour Eco
by Daniel Rybakken and Andreas Engesvik.

A collaborative effort between designers Daniel Rybakken and Andreas Engesvik, the Arbour Eco Sofa is the first-ever sofa produced by a Danish company to receive the official Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Its sleek, wooden frame creates a strong profile with an architectural quality that is echoed in its logical construction and uncluttered design language. Distinguished by elegant simplicity, Arbour Eco is assembled from well-constructed, separate components that have been independently produced for optimal comfort, quality, and efficiency. That means that every part can be maintained and repaired without replacing the whole sofa, guaranteeing a longer, more eco-friendly life.

Arbour started with the idea of designing the way one would make a sofa before designing the sofa itself. The question was: If you were to make the first sofa how would that look? We ended up with a concept where we separated the individual components. Instead of having multiple persons simultaneously working on a 3-seater sofa, adding layer upon layer on top of a basic structure, we would have pillows and covers made in an upholstery workshop, and a strong, durable, but at the same time slender and elegant wood frame made in a wood workshop. The parts would then be assembled upon delivery.

Daniel Rybakken and Andreas Engesvik.

By GamFratesi.

Inspired by the shifting curves of a human torso in motion, GamFratesi’s Dorso chair contains a surprise function not usually achievable in such a clean, compact package: 360 degrees of rotation. This relaxing and functional chair combines the generous, embracing feel of a lounge chair with a swivel function and a sleek silhouette, both of which are rare in that typology. Dorso’s elegant appearance and flexible use make it suitable for many different contexts, from conference rooms, lounges, and waiting areas in public environments to homes and other private settings.

The product respects our philosophy, since function and gesture are translated honestly within the design. The lines are geometric, but the whole design is sculptural. The rotation function of the seat is a feature that is not expected, because it is finely designed, and this gives us a feeling of surprise, creating a relationship with the user.


Petit Standard
Daniel Rybakken.

Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken’s Petit Standard chair is a study in precision and considered details, fusing elegance and functionality. A highly stackable chair whose practical features actually enhance its aesthetic profile, it features ingenious links made from die-cast aluminium that avoid the need for visible weldings, contributing to a fluid aesthetic experience, without any interruptions.

Revolt Chair
By Ahrend. 

A new addition to the ongoing series of relaunches by HAY and Ahrend and a cousin to the Result Chair, the iconic Revolt Chair embodies designer Friso Kramer’s distinctively innovative, minimalist style. Distinguished by its flexible back, its versatility, and its extreme comfort, Revolt is perfectly suited to the dynamic nature of the contemporary lifestyle, as it can be used in various settings and many contexts, from office work to studying or even long evenings at the dining table with guests.

Soft Edge Lounge and Stool
by Iskos Berlin.

Iskos-Berlin’s Soft Edge series features an organically shaped seat and back seat, blending strong curves with extreme lightness to create a three-dimensionality that is not normally possible with 2D plywood. The result is a minimalistic design that optimises human-centric comfort for constant shifting and movement. Soft Edge Lounge and Bar Stool are the newest members of this popular collection.

by Naoto Fukasawa.

Named after the soft, glowing shape of traditional Mongolian Pao tents illuminated at night-time, Fukasawa set out to encapsulate the same atmospheric warmth and friendliness in the Pao Steel Pendant. Pao draws on Fukasawa’s aesthetic of beautiful simplicity; creating an everyday object that draws on design values existing in the natural world. By keeping the aesthetics modest and simple, he brings the design into harmony with its environment, reinforcing his primary intention of making the atmosphere pleasant and comfortable.

PC Linear
Pierre Charpin.

Pierre Charpin’s PC Linear is the latest member to join the family of PC lamps. The new design shares the same simple and elegant profile that is present in the rest of the family. The PC Linear’s shade is pressed from a single aluminium component with a wet-sprayed finish and is ideal for suspending over meeting or dining tables, as well as for illuminating exhibition shelves in commercial spaces.

Bon Bon
Ana Kras.

The Bonbon Shade, designed by Serbian designer Ana Kras, was first shown as part of the HAY Lighting Collection during Milan Design Week in 2018, and the Bonbon Collection now features three new variants. Each shade is hand woven using an original technique to create one-of-a-kind pieces that stand on their own as decorative objects, even when the light is not switched on.

All HAY new releases are available to order now.

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