NEWS from Milan Design Week

NEWS from Milan Design Week

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NEWS from Milan Design Week

Italy’s annual design event brings together the world’s best international design brands for a preview of the latest launches in furniture, lighting and lifestyle. Usually an unmissable event in our calendar, this year we experienced Milan Design Week from afar, spying new designs, re-issued classics and the most beautiful showrooms in Milano. Here we present the latest and greatest from Louis Poulsen, Fredericia, nanimarquina, Karakter, PP Mobler, Fritz Hansen, Carl Hansen and Son and Mater.

Louis Poulsen.

Louis Poulsen unveiled Milan’s latest design destination, ‘D Studio’, in collaboration with a series of renowned international design brands. From the new showroom, Louis Poulsen presented four new designs – PH 2/2 Limited Edition Question Mark, Moonsetter, Panthella Lamp in new size and finish and Patera Oval.

D Studio, Milan.

PH  2/2 Question Mark
by Poul Henningsen.

In the limited edition of Poul Henningsen’s PH 2/2 The Question Mark in brass with fine hairlines, the design and materiality of Henningsen’s elegant classic are paired with mouth-blown opal glass shades that create a beautiful ambience in any space. Henningsen designed the original table lamp in 1931, based on his three-shade system, which perfectly combines a glare-free downward directed light with a pleasant upward glow, creating an ideal ambience. The lamp was given the name ‘The Question Mark’ due to the unique curvature of the lamp stem.

by Anne Boysen.

Danish architect and designer Anne Boysen teamed up with Louis Poulsen after having created the prototype for her eye-catching floor lamp in a televised Danish design competition. In collaboration with Louis Poulsen, Boysen continued the final design iterations to start the production of the lamp. Moonsetter invites us to explore the quality of the design, but to feel and sense it too. The exceptional lamp blurs the lines between sculpture and light source and serves an aesthetic purpose as well as a functional one.

Panthella, new size and finish
by Verner Panton.

50 years after the introduction of Panthella, the Panthella Table 320 is introduced in a new size with a diameter of 32 centimetres, which is a middle size between the Panthella MINI and the Panthella Table 400. The Panthella Table 320 is available in White opal acrylic, High lustre chrome and a new Brass metallised finish.

Patera Oval
by Øivind Slaatto. 

The Patera Oval has been introduced as an ellipsoid pendant to complete the Patera family and bring it into new applications where ceiling heights are limited, or a flat circular form is preferred.


'I'll Be Your Mirror' was the name of Fredericia’s Design Week apartment installation, curated by Elisa Ossino. While the balance of material, colours and texture lay at the very surface of interior, Ossino Studio invited spectators to contemplate on their own significance and appearance within space and time through this collaborative curated space. Key pieces from the Fredericia collection were presented alongside a newly re-issued coffee table by Danish master Børge Mogensen. 

BM67 Coffee Table
by Børge Mogensen.

In classic Børge Mogensen style, the BM67 Coffee Table is a functionally-driven design with very few components. Starting with a solid wood frame and a sledge base, where the exposed construction underneath is part of its appeal – featuring stretchers in raw brass, which will patinate beautifully over time.


In a return to Salone del Mobile, nanimarquina launched a new contract collection, Formula; a flexible rug collection with sustainability in mind for indoor and outdoor projects. With over 250 possible combinations, Formula allows clients to choose from five models and 30 colours to design a bespoke rug to suit their specific needs.

Formula Contract
by nanimarquina.

Formula Contract is a new collection of highly functional and flexible rugs designed especially for contract projects. The collection is born after studying the main needs of architects and designers. With over 250 possible combinations, 5 models and 30 colours, this new collection enables designer to find the ideal indoor or outdoor solution for any space.

PP Møbler.

To celebrate Milan Design Week, PP Møbler and Rosanna Orlandi presented reimagined Peacock and Flag Halyard chairs in Orlandi’s showroom. The pair also collaborated in an exhibition at Milan’s Science and Technology Museum, an event curated by Orlandi and the Royal Danish Embassy, where a number of classic PP Møbler icons were on display.

Fritz Hansen.

Fritz Hansen presented this season’s newest arrivals, including the new and improved Oxford chair and Pluralis Table Series which stood alongside a host of other notable, new designs including the elegant Clam light – an innovative pendant shaped by nature.

by Ahm & Lund.

Clam is an opal glass pendant by Ahm & Lund, inspired by natural seashells. Just as an oyster hides its pearl, Clam can open and close to ‘hide’ its inner light. Mouth blown glass shades with exceptional size and balance make this design extremely special. For the design to work properly, two large mouth blown shades must match symmetrically and in terms of weight – a true challenge for even the most experienced craftsmen.


Oxford Chair, new features 
by Arne Jacobsen.

The Oxford chair returns to its roots, putting modern technology to work to ensure comfort and craft unite on the traditional task chair. While the reworked chair retains the same silhouette, available with a low or tall backrest, the minimalist design has been updated with increased lumbar support for superior sitting comfort.

Pluralis, new features
by Kasper Salto.

Balancing fine furniture design with purpose, the Pluralis table serves every need with its considered combination of features. From a sleek dining table to a generous solo workstation or adaptable boardroom table with new customisable options, the flexible design by Kasper Salto is equal parts beauty and function.

Drop Chair, new colours
 by Arne Jacobsen.

Fritz Hansen’s Drop Chair, designed by Arne Jacobsen, has been updated in contemporary colours and with matching powder-coated base finishes. The new colours perfectly complement Fritz Hansen’s stacking chairs series in colours curated in collaboration with Carla Sozzani.

Kaiser idell, new colour
by Christian Dell.

The Kaiser idell lamp is widely recognised as an icon of Bauhaus design. Fritz Hansen has reimagined Christian Dell’s classic 6556-T table lamp in a modern grey hue, uniting the essence of original Bauhaus design with Nordic sensibilities.

Pouf, new finishes
Cecilie Manz.

An extra seat for unexpected guests, a footrest for a lounge chair or a side table to hold a tray of treats – the beauty of the Pouf series, designed for Fritz Hansen by Cecilie Manz, lies in its versatility. The multifunctional design is now offered in new colours and materials including buffed leather and twill weave, making it the ideal accent in any space.

JH Candleholder, new finish
by Jaime Hayon.

Jaime Hayon’s candleholder series is reimagined in stainless steel for a light and elegant expression that perfectly complements the brand’s collection of furniture, lighting, and accessories.

Carl Hansen and Son.

Carl Hansen and Son presented 'The Science of Comfort',introducing re-issued classics and news designs including the the Plico Chair by Fabricius & Kastholm, the 1958 T-Chair by Ole Wanscher and the Embrace Modular Sofa by EOOS.

by Fabricius Kastholm.

Simple in form yet filled with delightful details, the Plico chair is a rare example of great design that neither compromises on comfort nor aesthetics. Imagined by the Danish designer duo Fabricius Kastholm, masters at creating honest design that beautifully highlights what others often seek to hide, the foldable lounge chair takes up as little space as possible when not in use, while offering supreme sitting comfort by virtue of its soft upholstery and adjustable backrest.

OW58 T-Chair
by Ole Wanscher.

The distinctive expression of Danish designer Ole Wanscher’s OW58 T-Chair challenges the art of the possible without compromising craftsmanship or comfort. Adjusted only in height to provide optimum ergonomics for today’s design enthusiasts who have grown taller since 1958, this sculptural piece embodies both classic and modern lines to give the chair a light and elegant appearance. Despite its light expression, the T-Chair has a wide, upholstered seat that provides excellent comfort, making it ideal for dining use.

Embrace Modular Sofa
by EOOS.

Carl Hansen & Son and EOOS have created a flexible modular sofa to join the popular Embrace collection, which strikes a perfect balance between a light wooden frame and soft upholstery and brilliantly unites EOOS's strong sense of contemporary aesthetics with Carl Hansen & Son's quality craftsmanship traditions. The sofa frame is made of solid wood, as are the modules with armrests and table, and this combination of features makes it possible to choose how much wood or upholstery the look should have; from classic and symmetrical to expressive and sculptural.

Mix Chair & Propeller Stool x Kvadrat/Raf Simons
by Kaare Klint. 

On the 90th anniversary of Kaare Klint's Mix Chair and Propeller Stool, Carl Hansen & Søn launches a limited edition fusing Klint's minimalist and precise design with Kvadrat/Raf Simons' playful and painterly approach. Originally only available in transparently treated solid wood, leather and canvas, both the Mix Chair and Propeller Stool are now - and for the first time ever - available in vibrant, lacquered versions combined with Kvadrat/Raf Simons' vivid Ria fabric in cool and warm hues.


Together with Carlsberg, Mater exhibited their newest circular launches, including the Ocean Collection OC2 made from Carlsberg's discarded beer kegs. The reimagined outdoor collection now includes a lounge chair, lounge table and bench. Also presented was a backrest version of Eva Harlou’s Earth Stool, which is made from beer production waste, showing how discarded materials can be transformed into treasured design pieces.

Ocean OC2
by Jørgen & Nanna Ditzel.

The Ocean collection was originally designed in 1955 by some of the 20th century’s most renowned designers, Jørgen and Nanna Ditzel. This outdoor design has now been created in plastic waste from Carlsberg’s discarded beer kegs mixed with upcycled hard plastic and includes a new Lounge Chair, Coffee Table and Bench.

Earth Stool Backrest
by Eva Harlou.

Earth Stool is a circular bar stool designed by Danish architect Eva Harlou. It is the result of a new innovative waste-to-value technique that enables Mater to reuse companies’ industrial waste. The Earth Stool is made from upcycled industrial plastic waste from and waste from Carlsberg’s beer production mixed with post-industrial plastic waste and is now available with a high back. 

All 2021 novelties from Milan Design Week are available to order now and will arrive in showrooms in 2022. 

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