NANIMARQUINA. The Benefits of Rugs

At nanimarquina they seek to innovate, with original proposals, to create more comfortable, honest and healthy spaces.

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The colours, textures and shapes of nanimarquina rugs seek to increase people's well-being.

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In its pursuit of innovation, nanimarquina sets itself apart with original proposals aimed at creating spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also more comfortable, honest, and conducive to overall health.

At the core of nanimarquina's design philosophy lies a profound understanding of the impact of colours, textures, and shapes on human well-being. Each rug is a carefully crafted piece intended to elevate the comfort and atmosphere of a space.

Nanimarquina approaches design as a holistic experience, delving into its effects on behaviour from both physical and emotional perspectives. The design process is a dynamic interplay of observation, intuition, and discovery, responding to the unique needs of each moment. Collaborating with designers and artists, the brand explores new perspectives, designs, and crafts to push the boundaries of techniques and materials.

The benefits of nanimarquina rugs extend beyond aesthetics, playing a pivotal role in shaping the soul of a space. Here are some of their main advantages:

Provide Comfort and Well-being:

nanimarquina's rugs, crafted from natural and vegetable fibres, connect individuals with nature, creating a sense of comfort and well-being through thoughtfully designed shapes and colours.

Reduce Environmental Impact:

Officially Climate Neutral certified, nanimarquina rugs boast a zero carbon footprint. The brand's commitment to sustainability is evident through a comprehensive program that includes measurement, reduction, and compensation initiatives.

Natural Thermal Insulation:

The interstices of the fibres in these rugs retain air, offering natural thermal insulation that contributes to energy savings.

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Acoustic Isolation:

Acting as excellent acoustic insulators, these rugs absorb sounds and reduce noise levels, enhancing the overall acoustic environment of a space.

Help Improve Breathing:

Functioning as natural filters, carpets trap dust particles, minimising the risk of allergies and promoting better air quality.

Absorb Static Electricity:

Natural fibre rugs regulate ambient humidity, effectively reducing static electricity in the environment.

Improve Security:

nanimarquina rugs create non-slip surfaces, making walking more pleasant and reducing stress on joints with a cushioning effect. Wool rugs, in particular, offer natural antibacterial surfaces, and for other fibres, the brand provides anti-bacterial and anti-viral treatments.

Promote Eye Rest:

Through carefully chosen colours and textures, nanimarquina rugs contribute to relaxing the eyes, especially in spaces where exposure to screen light is prevalent.

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Experience the synergy of aesthetics and well-being with nanimarquina's Wellbeing Collection, a testament to their dedication to creating spaces that foster comfort and harmony.

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