NANIMARQUINA. A Legacy of Innovation

A lifetime of stories, dreams and experiences, with rugs centre stage throughout.

The Family Legacy

The roots of design run deep in the Marquina household. Nani's father, Rafael Marquina, a trailblazer in industrial design in Spain, instilled a passion for creativity in his daughter. This familial influence became the catalyst for Nani's decision to follow in her father's footsteps.

To talk about Nani Marquina is to talk about vision, transparency, and a commitment to women's empowerment. Breaking through the norms of her time, Nani fearlessly ventured into the domains of industrial design and entrepreneurship, challenging the gender stereotypes that surrounded these professions. The founding of her eponymous company was not merely a business endeavour but a pioneering act that set the stage for a new era.

Nani embarked on her greatest adventure: to create an eponymous brand and storm the market with her revolutionary vision of turning the classic rug into a contemporary design product.

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Maria Piera Marquina (left) and Nani Marquina (right)

From the outset, Nani Marquina embraced transparency as a guiding principle. She meticulously ensured that every rug's journey, from conception to creation, was openly communicated—where it was made, how it was made, by whom, with what materials, and in which country. This commitment to clarity resonates across every facet of their operations, presenting nanimarquina as it truly is, openly.

Venturing beyond conventional boundaries, Nani Marquina relocated production to India, discovering the boundless possibilities of craftsmanship and the profound cultural value embedded in each rug. This strategic move not only broadened horizons but also laid the foundation for a brand synonymous with international excellence in contemporary rugs and interior design.

Today, nanimarquina stands as a family business, managed by the second generation of the Marquina family—Nani's sister, Carlota Marquina, and her daughter, Maria Piera Marquina, who serves as the Managing Director, carrying forward the legacy of innovation.


Tradition is not a relic of the past but a bridge between history and the future. nanimarquina collaborates with countries that master the art of rug weaving, contributing to the preservation of their cultural heritage. This symbiotic relationship respects ancestral techniques, emphasizing the value of materials, manual labour, and the enduring nature of craftsmanship. By seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary design, they create quality rugs that stand as a testament to the essence and uniqueness of our craft.

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The design elements

At the heart of nanimarquina creations are colours, textures, and shapes meticulously designed to elevate well-being. Each rug serves as a canvas, preserving the memory of a bygone era, a specific geography, and a rich cultural legacy.

These woven stories echo the origins while projecting avant-garde, emotional, and distinctly tactile beauty. In their exploration of aesthetics, colour takes centre stage—a magical element that wields transformative influence over spaces and people alike.

Taking care of the planet

From its very inception, nanimarquina has been steadfast in its commitment to sustainability, guiding its global actions and shaping the ethos of the company. Their approach to sustainability extends beyond mere rhetoric, permeating every facet of the operations—from the treatment of people to choices in materials, processes, and techniques.

A significant milestone in nanimarquina sustainability journey is the attainment of Climate Neutral certification in 2021. This achievement stands as a testament to their dedication to creating a positive impact on the environment. Through the meticulous development of a comprehensive measurement, reduction, and offset program, nanimarquina has set its sights on a zero-emissions future, aiming at halving emissions by 2030 and becoming a Net-Zero company by 2050. These bold steps reaffirm their pledge to not just meet but exceed environmental standards, fostering a harmonious coexistence between the brand and our planet.


After all these years, nanimarquina main objective remains the same: reinventing the rug. And they do so by always combining tradition with design; envisioning sustainability from a practical point of view.

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