MONTANA. The Story and Values Behind the Brand

"People have a need for freedom and a desire to create their own personal spaces" Peter Lassen, Founder Montana.

In 1982, at the age of 54, Peter Lassen established Montana based on five core values: Functionality | Quality | Environment | Aesthetics | Ethics

In 1982, drawing inspiration from globally renowned Danish designers at Fritz Hansen and the potential offered by the industrial age, Peter J. Lassen established Montana Furniture. His profound journey in the design business began in 1958 when Fritz Hansen, one of Denmark’s esteemed furniture brands, hired him to lead product planning and development. This marked the inception of Lassen’s lifelong adventure in design, working closely with iconic figures like Arne Jacobsen and Verner Panton. By 1975, he became CEO of Fritz Hansen, steering the company toward the industrial era's opportunities and eventually paving the way for Montana's creation.


Montana designs and manufactures in a responsible manner, with care and respect for employees and the world around them. The products are crafted to endure a lifetime, reflecting the company's commitment to longevity for both its creations and its workforce. Through the brand and its products, Montana strives to support the playful and creative aspects in people and their environments, believing that it enhances growth and well-being.

Montana champions diversity and inclusion, welcoming everyone into the Montana family, as they believe differences enrich the company, the world, and each other. The mantra is clear – the world needs more colours, not less. The company also places a strong emphasis on freedom with responsibility and leadership with trust.


Let's create playful spaces

Spaces have a profound impact on us, defining ambiences and reflecting our personalities. Montana crafts compelling spaces in colours that exude joy and express identity – a world in colours that ignites our senses and appeals to creativity, courage, and curiosity. With a carefully developed colour palette and timeless, high-quality design, adaptable through generations, Montana creates interiors that challenge and develop the beloved Danish design heritage.

"The world needs more colours, not less" Joakim Lassen, CEO Montana, 2022

Express your personality

The spaces we inhabit define who we are and who we aspire to become. Montana's design, with its rich colour palette and freedom to combine, transform, and adapt, fosters organic, bold, and expressive environments, encouraging creativity and curiosity.

Montana for life

Montana’s design is both timeless and iconic. The high quality and adaptability of the design allow for furniture to be passed down to the next generation or resold. Whether it's referred to as luxury for life or foreverness, Montana's commitment to mindfulness and sustainability is embedded in every step of the product life cycle, avoiding waste and preserving our planet's resources.


Spaces for people

Montana, a family-owned company through generations with production in Denmark, values dedicated and skilled individuals. These individuals are paramount in the company's efforts to deliver first-class products and craftsmanship. Responsible and certified production lies at the core of Montana – with care and respect for both people and the environment.

Explore the endless possibilities.
36 modules, 4 depths and 43 colours.


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