Introducing Softply, Don and Rib.

Introducing Softply, Don and Rib.

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Introducing Softply, Don and Rib.

We’re thrilled to present nau 2021 – the newest collection from our Australian design brand, nau. Comprising furniture and lighting by a collective of Australia’s most renowned designers, nau 2021 features a comprehensive outdoor range, a locally crafted flat-pack furniture series and an edit of functional, refined designs for both the home and the workplace.

Designed and made in Australia by nau’s most prolific designers, including Adam Goodrum, Kate Stokes, Adam Cornish and Tom Fereday, the new collection responds to the needs and desires that have emerged during the past two extraordinary years. Offering versatility, functionality, comfort and quality, nau 2021 carves out a fresh perspective for authentic furniture and lighting.

Following the success of Adam Goodrum’s Chameleon table system and Sofala modular sofa, his new designs expand nau’s commercial offerings, with the inclusion of Softply, Don and Rib, all of which interchange seamlessly between public and private contexts.

Softply by Adam Goodrum.

Playfully paradoxical, Softply is a seating collection that pushes the boundaries of materiality. Typically a rigid material, plywood is press-moulded into a unique 3-directional curve to create a distinctive backrest that cascades elegantly over a stainless-steel frame and doubles as a sweeping armrest. This curved back is informed by geometry to create an ergonomically supportive chair that promotes a relaxed comfort. Softply’s 360-degree design considers every viewpoint, particularly the back from which chairs and stools are most commonly viewed. The Softply collection comprises a stackable chair and both bar and counter height stools in a selection of finishes.

'Softply's cascading backrest provides cradling support with an integrated sweeping armrest. This encourages comfort, ease and conversation through a laid-back design that makes it physically easier to relate to the person beside you.' - Adam Goodrum

Don Chair by Adam Goodrum.

Don is an exploration of craftsmanship, comfort and considered details. Elegantly draped timber dons a sturdy wooden frame to create a chair that is strong and durable yet lightweight. Don’s angled back doubles as a functional armrest to encourage movement, whilst the gently curved seat offers ergonomic support, eliminating pressure points in the legs of the sitter. With playful details such as the visible connection between the frame and seat reminiscent of cufflinks, Don has a uniquely compact footprint suitable for a variety of commercial contexts.

Rib Table by Adam Goodrum.

Inspired by Sydney’s iconic MLC centre by architect Harry Seidler, Rib is the first pedestal table in the nau collection. With a striking architectural aesthetic, Rib’s circular form offer a softness within commercial and residential spaces. Visually light but deceptively robust, the fluted ribs allow maximum stability in their elevation of the tabletop. Designed for meeting, conversation and togetherness, Rib is an inviting and functional table that allows for optional integrated power and data supply. Rib is available in walnut, oak, ash and black stained ash.

The nau 2021 collection is available to explore in selected Cult showrooms and is available to order now. Click below to explore the entire collection.

Image credits: Styling by Megan Morton, Photography by Maxwell Finch.

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