From music to light, celebrating Jørn Utzon.

From music to light, celebrating Jørn Utzon.

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From music to light, celebrating Jørn Utzon.

On his 102nd anniversary, we celebrate the legacy of the great Jørn Utzon - the renowned Danish designer who, in 1957, was announced winner of the international competition to design a ‘national opera house’ for Sydney’s Bennelong Point. His vision for a sculptural, curved building on the Harbour broke radically with the rectangular shapes of modernist architecture and ultimately transformed his career. 

Known globally as an architect and designer of the highest stature, Utzon saw a clear parallel between music and light, both of which he felt are crucial for creating emotions. Clear semblances can be seen across his visionary architecture and the objects that he created, including his lighting designs for Fritz Hansen and &Tradition.

Utzon's Concert pendant for Fritz Hansen draws a golden thread from the Sydney Opera House. Its unique shade structure enhances the lamps visual expression whilst creating ambient, glare-free light.

His father’s naval engineering drawings prompted Utzon's lifelong fascination with ships. Such interest is illustrated in his pendant for &Tradition - it’s distinctive collared shape echoes the industrial silhouette of a boat. 

Across all of his lighting designs, Utzon worked to ensure that light always enhanced atmosphere and emotion in a room.

Inside the home of Kim Utzon.

On top of a sheer cliff side, 40 meters above sea level on the most northern point of Zealand, Denmark, lies a house drawn and built by the owner himself. As the son of one of the most renowned architects in the world, Kim Utzon’s fascination with architecture can be seen across every element of his remarkable home, from façade to kitchen.

'I liked the idea of a kitchen placed like a piece of furniture where nothing is attached to the wall. It’s very intuitive in its design and construction.' - Kim Utzon.

Vipp Kitchen, Vipp Pedal Bin, Vipp ceramics.

Vipp Bathroom Module, Vipp Pedal Bin, Vipp Wall Spot.

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