CULT 3 Days of Design Guide 2024

3 Days of Design, one of the world’s most exciting furniture and design events, returns to Copenhagen from June 12-14, 2024.

Curious about the highlights and what our brand partners have planned? Read on for Cult's ultimate guide to 3 Days of Design 2024, which includes the must-see exhibitions in the run-up to this exciting design event!

Cult Guide to 3 Days of Design 2024

With over 250 exhibitors, this festival invites guests from around the globe to discover new and iconic furniture, lighting, accessories, innovative materials, and more. The event unfolds in showrooms, shops, streets, galleries, and various other venues throughout Denmark's capital.

This year sees 14 Cult brand partners participate in 3 Days of Design. View our Cult 3Days Guide to see what they have planned!

CULT BRANDS at 3 Days of Design.

Screenshot 2024-06-03 at 3.54.53 pm.png__PID:7f0b7ee3-cbcb-4f7e-8633-8840d3f6a0fa


&Tradition invites you to join its global community through an immersive exhibition in its Copenhagen home. Introducing new products and a new classic designer to their roster, this curated experience presents their network in a culmination of international design. Be guided through a collection infused with character and unique expression, reaffirming their commitment to preserve icons ofthe past while creating the classics of tomorrow. In addition, guests are encouraged to dine as partof the Quarter Past Noon community in the Lille Petra café, with a menu featuring dishes from their travels throughout the year. From New York toOslo, London to Shanghai.

&Tradition House
Kronprinsessegade 4
1306 Copenhagen
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Screenshot 2024-06-03 at 2.55.16 pm.jpg__PID:2e304e37-0855-43a0-b666-020919c29d6d

Carl Hansen & Søn

Carl Hansen & Søn invites you to explore ligthingand furniture novelties by Hans J. Wegner, Rikke Frost, Børge Mogensen, Henning Koppel and KaareKlint. The flagship store in the heart of Copenhagen will be transformed into the exhibition "Shapingthe Future" highlighting the 110th anniversary of Wegner, while the courtyard will feature outdoornews by EOOS and Gudmundur Ludvik.

Carl Hansen & Søn Flagship Showroom
Bredgade 21-23
1260 Copenhagen
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Welcome to the showroom, presenting a unique perspective on modern collaboration spaces andatmospheric residential and hospitality interiors. Discover new and reintroduced creations from designers such as Jasper Morrison, Barber Osgerby, Damian Williamson, Nanna Ditzel, Kaare Klint and Børge Mogensen, and exciting previews and everlasting icons. Immerse yourself in the Fredericia legacy and its deeply rootedvalues through a dedicated craft exhibition that delves into the techniques of crafting the icons that have proven themselves through generations. At Fredericia, the dedication to precision,sustainability, and craftsmanship is evident in every piece, which embraces the art of patience and the pursuit of excellence.

Fredericia Showroom
Løvstræde 1
1152 Copenhagen
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664c661f79b90e30bc291930_The Opera Park_03_credit Cobe Large.jpg__PID:085503a0-3666-4209-99c2-9d6d6fe1bada

Fritz Hansen

Fritz Hansen presents “Islands of Wellbeing”: extraordinary exhibitions showcasing design in modern architecture at Copenhagen’s most exciting new harbourside destinations. In settings reflecting the interconnectedness of designand architecture, experience the art of outdoor lounging, a new world of welcoming hospitality,and explore inviting workplace inspiration – all set in the city’s most daring new architecture. Join the Fritz Hansen celebration of extraordinary design and architecture with outdoor lounge areas,novelties, previews, expert panel talks, events, andmuch more at this year’s 3daysofdesign.

The Growth House
Ekvipagemestervej 18
1438 Copenhagen
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Screenshot 2024-06-03 at 3.55.49 pm.png__PID:7ee3cbcb-0f7e-4633-8840-d3f6a0fa31de


TACTILE ENCOUNTERS | GUBI invites visitors to discover and explore the intersection of color andtexture – the point where shade and surface meet, and the emotions they inspire as a result. Alongside new furniture and lighting editions from the likes of Pierre Paulin and Mathieu Matégot, GUBI unveils fresh material thinking from contemporary studios including Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidtand GamFratesi in a colorful and graphic display. Revered Italian fabric house Dedar and sustainable leather specialists at Sørensen Leather collaborate with GUBI to showcase a tactile textile and leather installation. And, for Unicef, GUBI presents a collaboration featuring its iconic Pacha Lounge Chair in surplus fabrics in support of children world wide.

GUBI Flagship Showroom
Orientkaj 18-20
2150 Copenhagen
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HAY will showcase their latest launches as well aspreviews of upcoming collections.

Founded in Copenhagen in 2002 with the ambitionof creating contemporary furniture, lighting and accessories for modern living, HAY’s vision is to create high-quality and well-designed products in collaboration with some of the world’s most talented, curious, and courageous designers.Through our commitment to sophisticated industrial manufacturing processes, HAY strives to make good design accessible to the widest possible audience. 

HAY House
Østergade 61
1100 Copenhagen
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Join us at Galerie Mikael Andersen, nestled in the historic street Bredgade in the heart of Copenhagen, to celebrate the visionary works of some of the most influential designers of the past century. The showcase features reissued lamps by the renowned 1970s Italian sculptor and designer Angelo Mangiarotti alongside mid-century master pieces by Danish architect Bodil Kjær, and contemporary creations by Dutch designer Aldo Bakker.

Galerie Mikael Andersen
Bredgade 63
1260 Copenhagen
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Louis Poulsen

Founded in 1874, the Danish lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen creates products that encompass the duality of design and light. Every detail in the design has a purpose. Every design starts and ends with light. Louis Poulsen offers a range of lighting aimed at the commercial and domesticl ighting markets, with illumination and solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications. In close partnership with designers, architects and other talents like Poul Henningsen, Arne Jacobsen,Verner Panton, Øivind Slaatto, Alfred Homann, Louise Campbell and Oki Sato, Louis Poulsen has established itself as one of the key global suppliers of architectural and decorative lighting and has a global presence with showrooms world wide.

Louis Poulsen HQ
Kuglegårdsvej 19-23
1434 Copenhagen
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Return to Nature | A resource that starts and ends in nature. During 3daysofdesign Mater will launch their new biodegradable furniture collection ALDER by Patricia Urquiola. The Alder collection is made of biodegradable plastic mixed with either coffee or wood waste. All natural materials that caneventually return to nature. For the presentation at 3daysofdesign, Mater and Patricia Urquiola havet eamed up with Danish studio Tableau to create a captivating, must-see installation that celebrates the use of natural materials in the design industry.

Købmagergade 3
1150 Copenhagen
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65d34a96f480dc7f63a25f32_Montana_3DD_1400x2000_01 Large.jpg__PID:432fda1b-53cb-4361-9399-1644d2575e53


For this year's 3daysofdesign, Montana Furniture unveils exciting novelties at its Copenhagen-based venues, welcoming visitors into a world of vibranthues. Under the theme 'Dream in Full Colour,' you are invited to explore playful spaces and discover comforting yet innovative interior colour schemes. Come by and be among the first to experience exclusive new launches, design collaborations,thought-provoking talks, a panel discussion, and a live broadcasted podcast. And don't miss out on this: Montana will be hosting a Backyard Party on Wednesday, June 12, 2024. Be sure to register and join in on the festivities!

Skindergade 38
1159 Copenhagen
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65f06f92aac64aeb6678b9ea_nanimarquina_colorado_01 Large.jpg__PID:da1b53cb-f361-4399-9644-d2575e53c517


Nanimarquina is set to unveil its latest 2024 collections during 3daysofdesign at the Ruby Atelier Gallery, showcasing rugs as authentic artworks, going beyond their utilitarian nature. Among the highlights will be Colorado collection by Inga Sempé, new designs from the Chillida collection, as well as Wabisabi collection by Nani Marquina and Pearls collection by Sabine Finkenauer. The gallery will be transformed into a quasi-theatrical backdrop, seamlessly blending carefully selected pieces by nanimarquina. Curated by Open house and styled by Henriette Schou and Pernille Vest, the exhibit will present nanimarquina and Expormim in an elevated setting, showcasing them as curated pieces.

Amaliegade 6
1256 Copenhagen
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65dc8d9c3ad3706366261863_portrait_ppmobler_3daysofdesign_flag_halyard_01 Large.jpg__PID:575e53c5-171b-41c3-acc6-dfebfd050fa3

PP Møbler

PP Møbler is celebrating the 75th anniversary of Hans J. Wegner's masterpiece the pp501 RoundChair, which marked the breakthrough for HansJ. Wegner personally as well as for Danish design exports in general and became known simply as The Chair.

PP Møbler Flagship Showroom
Bryggernes Plads 11
1799 Copenhagen
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65e98dc67353dcb0836605ed_zenzo-sofa-bed-piozzano-col-12 Large.jpg__PID:53c5171b-c1c3-4cc6-9feb-fd050fa33dee

Soft Line

At 3daysofdesign, SOFTLINE will take over the rawand rustic venue PRESSEN in Central Copenhagen and turn it into an inspiring design universe filled with new releases: lounge chairs, sofas, modular sofas, sofa beds and even an alcove system. All designed, developed, and produced in Denmark. SOFTLINE will also bring new and exciting textiles and colours, carefully selected to inspire, and spark your creativity, so you can find the mix of furniture, fabrics, and style that matches your vision.

Politikens Forhal
Vester Voldgade 33
1552 Copenhagen
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65d717544f934e30d670771d_DSC07122 Large.jpg__PID:171bc1c3-6cc6-4feb-bd05-0fa33dee7f0b


For 3daysofdesign 2024, Vipp celebrates its 85 year anniversary with a special exhibition dedicated to the brand’s heritage in design and metal work.The showrooms at Vipp headquarters have undergone a great transformation for the occasion of 3daysofdesign. Discover the new V3 aluminum kitchen and get an exclusive preview of upcoming Vipp designs and novelty upholsteries, including a new furniture duo for the Open-Air collection, as well as a long anticipated stainless-steel bin andaccessory collection.

Ny Østergade 34
1101 Copenhagen
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TOP PICKS. Exhibitions & Installations


Aesop Aromatorium

From 12 – 14 June, you are warmly invited to discover the multi-sensorial Aromatorium as part of the fair’s newest exhibition concept, TRANSCENDENCE. Through a laboratory-like contraption of tubes and funnels, the Aromatorium piques your curiosity—and allows you to experience our unconventional Eaux de Parfum in a refreshing manner. During 3daysofdesign, Aesop is showcasing the unique architecture of its three Copenhagen stores, including the newly opened Aesop Kronprinsensgade.

Aesop is also partnering with Fredericia: a family-owned and B Corp-certified design company based in Copenhagen, exhibiting select pieces from the Danish design brand—including the limited-edition chair by Nanna Ditzel, ‘Chaconia’, on display at Aesop Nyhavn. 

For locations, please reference our Cult Interactive Copenhagen Google Map >

65d71d962daef07cf5f5d2f2_Mazer by Tom Fereday - 002 - Credit Hamish McIntosh Large.jpg__PID:6d7d8452-3ba9-4c90-a3d5-f41fd0d659b0

Tom Fereday Design / Dialogue

Tom Fereday presents his latest collection of furniture editions as part of exhibition Design / Dialoguein collaboration with Ark Journal; presented in the industrial Pakhus 11 building.

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6643181c37a985956c35f4f9_ReThink_Project_Unboxing_2024_Copyright_Casper_Sejersen_03-LOW_SRGB_JPEG Large.jpg__PID:523ba97c-90e3-45f4-9fd0-d659b0cc26d9

Kvadrat ReThink

Join for this year’s 3daysofdesign where Kvadrat will present ReThink. After six successful editions of Kvadrat Design Projects, the seventh edition reflects on the theme of sustainability. You are invited to immerse yourself in an expressive exhibition at the Copenhagen showroom, showcasing the work of 12 designers, artists,and architects from Iceland to Venezuela, Beijing to Brooklyn, and what responsible design means to them through working with Kvadrat’s recycled, regenerative, and circular materials.

For locations, please reference our Cult Interactive Copenhagen Google Map >

664c53c1d779e458da8b4aac_LANDSCAPE IMAGE DEDAR 2024_006_1920x1080-NEW.jpg__PID:84523ba9-7c90-43d5-b41f-d0d659b0cc26

Dedar x GUBI

For 3daysofdesign, Dedar brings in the expressive power of colours, patterns, precious fibre yarns and know-how to the Nordic interior lifestyle. On this occasion, Dedar presents a special collaboration with GUBI, featuring atactile textile installation with the new tiger motifs of the collection in their iconic fauve colour and paying homage to the most hypnotic and majestic creature on velvets endowed with a strong personality and expressive power. In the artistic surrounding of Elhanati’s jewellery atelier, Dedar and Durup create a universe of light, an immersion in faceted and textural white that has the energy of dawn with White Writings fabrics and gives life to a grand abstract narrative that embraces both brands’ identities.

For locations, please reference our Cult Interactive Copenhagen Google Map >

Copenhagen City Guide Map

Screenshot 2024-06-03 at 12.39.42 pm.png__PID:cfa5b914-8f92-438f-af2a-5b62561e8251

We have put together the ultimate Copenhagen City map including;

An overview of our brand partners with showrooms in Copenhagen. These showrooms will be activated during 3 Days of Design and are worth visiting!

An overview of Cult brands who are presenting installations throughout Copenhagen city, along with other must-see installations.

Must see galleries, shops and architectural highlights in Copenhagen.

Our top picks for a refreshing aperitif, a delectable Danish pastry, a fresh green juice ora hearty serving of smørrebrød.

Must see fashion boutiques and designdestinations scattered around the city.

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