Colourful New Collections From nanimarquina.

Colourful New Collections From nanimarquina.

by Ben Downey
Colourful New Collections From nanimarquina.

Sought-after Spanish rug brand nanimarquina launch three brand new collections this month, each embodying the core values and passions of the brand through an aesthetic fusion of texture and colour. Through each new collection, nanimarquina strive to learn new techniques, discover new materials, respect artisanal traditions and collaborate with the worlds best designers to explore the endless possibilities of colour and composition. Here, we bring you the latest and greatest from ethical rug brand, nanimarquina.

by nanimarquina.

The Telares collection is born from the persistent search for new approaches offered by the loom. By combining the techniques used in kilims and typical dhurries, nanimarquina has created a unique set of textures and rhythms through the variation and pressure of fibers. 

The changes in the pattern, which are born from the tension applied between weft and warp, give the rug an appearance full of curves and nuances which evoke the most primary manual work: the insistent trial and error process of the craftsman from which magical results arise. Available in 5 colours, each with its own unique tonal contrast.

by Santi Moix.

Born from a new collaboration with Barcelona based artist Santi Moix, one of Nani Marqiuna’s favourite artists, Flora is an exploration of the parallelism between life and death, illustrated through his series of biomorphic flowers. The collection comprises a series of different shapes and patterns, some of which are literal representations of the artists’ works, and others are explorations of scale, composition and colour. A remarkable 38 different colours are utilised across the collection.

The smaller models, Bloom, are the extraction of flowers as separate pieces. They represent two moments in the life cycle of a flower: wilting and flowering, and can be layered and combined with other rugs in the collection. 

by Nani Marquina.

This collection of strong, saturated and energetic colours was designed by Nani Marquina. Its abstract interpretation of nature's colors represents the first plain dhurrie in the entire nanimarquina collection.

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