Beetle Bar Chair Front Upholstered

Beetle Bar Chair Front Upholstered

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With its striking, organic form, remarkable comfort and endless configurations, Danish Italian duo GamFratesi’s design classic is also available as a Bar Chair.

 The Beetle Bar Chair’s outer shell is a continuous, curved form, reminiscent of the strong and graceful contours of the insect that inspired it. Yet despite its robustness, it is designed to gently flex, providing comfort even after prolonged sitting. The durable and subtly-textured plastic shell is available in seven harmonious shades – perfect for mixing and matching. Long, sleek and elegant conical metal legs add an overall lightness to the design, accentuating the ‘beetle’ aesthetic.

 Simplicity of shape makes the Beetle Bar Chair ideal for variation, customization and modification over time.    75cm high, the Bar Chair is slightly higher than the Counter Chair, which is proportioned mainly for residential settings. It can be fully upholstered, with a vast array of fabrics to choose from. It is also possible to upholster just the seat, or the front, revealing the hard shell at the back. With so many combinations possible, there is a Beetle for every occasion, whether at home, office or in hospitality settings.

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Total Dimensions (DxWxH): 58x56x118 cm

Sitting height: 77 cm

Seat width: 49 cm

Seat depth: 42 cm

Seat height: 77 cm

Back height: 43 cm

Base/leg thickness: Ø1,0-1,6 cm

Footrest height: 31 cm

Frame width: 57 cm

Frame depth: 54 cm

Weight (kg): 10.4

Width: 570 mm
Depth: 540 mm
Height: 1180 mm

Base in black or brass

Polypropelene shell in various colours 

Upholstery available in a range of fabric and leather options

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GamFratesi is a Copenhagen-based design agency comprising architect Stine Gam (born in Denmark in 1975) and industrial designer Enrico Fratesi (born in Italy in 1978), who met while studying architecture in Italy and founded their design agency GamFratesi Studio in Copenhagen in 2006. Using their dual cultural backgrounds, they fuse classic Danish craft traditions with a timeless Italian intellectual and conceptual approach. Their designs are characterised by an honest, natural expression, and the desire to communicate a story through the use of tradition, innovation and functionality. GamFratesi have received international recognition and they have exhibited work all over the world. For Hay, they have designed the Silhouette Sofa and Tulou Table.


Hee Welling x HAY Designer talks. In conversation with Hee Welling

Hee Welling x HAY Designer talks. In conversation with Hee Welling

Hee Welling x HAY Designer talks. In conversation with Hee Welling

Hee Welling x HAY Designer talks. In conversation with Hee Welling

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Gubi inspiration
Gubi inspiration
Gubi inspiration
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