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Antonio Forteleoni

Antonio Forteleoni graduated from the IED, in Milan, with a degree in Interior Design and further deepened his knowledge of product design at Central Saint Martins, in London.

In 2012, he held a personal show at the trade fair, “Abitare in Tempo”, in Verona. It was on this occasion that he was selected by Giulio Cappellini from amongst the aspiring young designers.

Forteleoni’s work focuses on the exploration of materials and surfaces, stimulated by his urge to reinterpret traditional materials in a contemporary key.

His work can be described an organic process in which the marks of time and the intrinsic natural imperfections of materials contribute to his vision of aesthetic complexity, offering concrete proof of the infinite possibilities of interacting with form.

Among the products in the Cappellini collection, Antonio Forteleoni’s name can be found as the creator of the 2014 collection of Jana vases.

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