Tricolore Vase


“I’m passionate about colour, real materials and working with artisans,” explains German designer Sebastian Herkner. “With the Tricolore Vases, I played with a spectrum of colours, gauging which third colour would appear when the two colours overlap. How the colours would interact with sunlight. And fine-tuning the density of the glass to get just the right nuance. There are three sets of two vases, each in a different colour, height and diameter. Just like I experimented with the choice of colours, people can play with colour, too. They can place any of the individual vases wherever they need a little colour in their life.”



Mouth-blown colored bohemian glass



SH1 - Inner vase: Ø: 18.0cm x H: 20.0cm Bottom vase: Ø: 17.0cm x H: 9.0cm

SH2 - Inner vase: Ø: 14.0cm x H: 25.0cm Bottom vase: Ø: 13.0cm x H: 17.0cm

SH3 - Inner vase: Ø: 22.0cm x H: 9.0cm Bottom vase: Ø: 21.0cm x H: 6.0cm