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This space divider is ideal for creating a feeling of privacy in a garden or on a balcony without losing the sense of freedom typical of open spaces. Sticks was the result of a search for a multiuse screen with outdoor applications, as it is not blown over by the wind. As the space divider comes in different sizes and separate modules, it is possible to let your imagination run away and create your own special place with sticks.



Various sizes and options available. Please download the Sticks Technical Sheets below or contact our sales team for more information.



Base – Regenerated rubber (outdoor and indoor), Natural rubber wood (indoor) or Dark rubber wood (indoor)

Sticks – Fibreglass



Fibreglass sticks available in white, black, green and wood colour.



During the production process tiny glass fibres may come loose and remain stuck to the rods. In case of skin contact they may cause slight irritation. We consequently recommend that you thoroughly dust or rinse the rods before inserting them into the bases to reduce these fibres to a minimum.

Do not touch the fibreglass rods with your bare hands. Always use a glove to assemble and move Sticks.

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