EX-QratarEX Qrater 2
Greater Than 14 Weeks


Qrater is a campfire dish made of weathering steel, a type of steel that can be used in the garden as well as in open spaces. It only gets rusty on the surface, leaving the rest of the material intact. This means Qrater can stay outdoors all year round. A small hole in the middle allows drainage of rain water or ashes into a smaller dish integrated into the galvanised steel pedestal. This pedestal also prevents heat damage to the surface below Qrater, as there is no direct contact between the dish and the ground.


The only thing left to do is to light a fire. The result is pure magic: while keeping the company warm, the dancing flames also create an atmosphere nobody can resist. With the poker supplied you can move the glowing ashes to the side of the dish in order to grill your marshmallows.



Ø 1450mm x H 250mm


Ø 960mm x H 180mm




Weathering steel and galvanised steel.

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