PP85 Cross Legged Table

PP pp85
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Greater Than 14 Weeks


The Cross Legged Table is an attestation to Wegner's ability to utilise very few means while still creating optimal designs. In fact, this table could hardly be simpler. And yet, Wegner combines the total sum of the individual components and manages to create an aesthetical experience out of the ordinary.


The cross construction with the metal stretcher is minimalistic, light and extremely strong. The characteristically crossed legs are really just a simple and elegant solution to a basic requirement that table legs should take up as little space as possible, making the table more occupant-friendly and more adaptable to various settings.


This design is now approximately 60 years old, yet it appears more topical than ever, encompassing the essential need for simple, practical and usable products produced with respect and concern for the environment to have a very long life span.




W 1600mm x D 860mm x H 720mm


W 1600mm x D 860mm x H 720mm



Oak and Ash available in soap treated, clear bio oil, white bio oil, clear lacquer, black vegetable paint and black lacquer.