Greater Than 14 Weeks


This table is nothing short of a constructional masterpiece. Wanting to maximize the knee and legroom of those sitting at the table, Wegner joined the table legs in the centre of the round table top.


Each leg is supported by steel stretchers that turn into strong triangular formations within each stretcher and between the stretcher and the wooden leg. The construction is so strong that despite its daring elegance, it even offers the possibility of extension by separating the two halves of the round table top.


As is common in the best of Wegner’s works, this table combines practicality with the most refined sense of aesthetics. The construction is so sophisticated that the round table top seems to balance on a centre point.




Ø 1200mm x H 720mm


Ø 1400mm x H 720mm

Both tables are available with an extension or with the table top in one piece without an extension.



Oak and Ash available in soaptreated, clear bio oil, white bio oil, clear lacquer, black vegetable paint and black lacquer.