PP589 Bar Bench

PP-pp589 bar bench
PP-pp589 bar bench
Greater Than 14 Weeks


Wegner designed the Bar Bench for his own private entrance hall. Employing simple means, the bench provides practical intermediate seating while appearing like a transparent unit, blending in with the surrounding interior and light.


The Bar Bench is designed in 1953, the same year as the fabulous pp521 Upholstered Peacock Chair was designed, and these two beautiful pieces of furniture were often presented together. Obviously the Bar Bench is such a strong design that despite the fact that it was designed for an entrance hall, it will suit many other purposes. PP589 is not only perfect for seating, use the bench as a display surface for your favorite coffee table books or for your indoor plants.



W 1620mm x D 520mm x H 390mm



Oak and Ash available in soap treated, clear bio oil and white bio oil.