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Greater Than 14 Weeks


In 1987, 73 years old, Wegner designed the pp58/pp68 as his final basic chair; a genuinely comfortable, practical, strong, durable and affordable chair. Benefitting from a life's experience with furniture design, he was determined to let this particular design be guided by all he had learnt from his previous works.


Comprising solid wood joined with tenons proved by testing each joint to withstand one ton of pulling strength, the chair is designed to be comfortable in alternate seating positions, making it a delightful experience to be seated for hours. At an affordable price, it will outlast everyday use throughout your life - and your children's and your grandchildren's, effectively constituting the essence of sustainability – and not just in terms of ecology, but also in terms of economics.


pp58 and pp68 is optimized to be practical. The short armrests makes it easy to enter and move around the chair. It fits well underneath the table, and it can also hang from the table top to make cleaning easier. The all solid wood tenon joints have been tested to withstand one ton of pulling strength.



PP68 – Papercord Seat

W 580mm x D 470mm x H 720mm / SH 440mm

PP58 – Upholstered Seat

W 580mm x D 480mm x H720mm / SH 440mm



Oak, Ash and Beech available in soap treated, clear bio oil, white bio oil, clear lacquer, black vegetable paint. Also available in Wegner colours



Seat available in papercord and upholstered in PP Mobler leather or fabric.