Panton Wire

12 to 14 Weeks


The humble Panton Wire cube was first designed by Verner Panton in 1971, but has recently re-emerged as a design collectable after Danish storage company Montana took over production and released new additions to this versatile design. New tops and a new cube depth are added in a number of new shades and materials for increased flexibility of the system. Raw yet elegant, light yet industrial, the Panton Wire unit can be used individually or in combination - on the floor, hanging on the wall, stacked or as room dividers in all types of spaces from bathrooms to kitchens, living spaces, bedrooms and offices. Supplied with all hardware for joining and mounting, the units can easily be repurposed over time. Start with one as a bed side table, grow your collection to two as a coffee table and then to nine units stacked as shelving; and you can repurpose them over time as your home or needs change. For added versatility, Montana has introduced a new cube depth of 20cm; the two depths can be combined for more interesting configurations. Both sizes are also available with a new range of shelves and tops, instantly converting this simple cube into a table, seating or functional storage. 



Panton Wire: 34.8H x 34.8W x 38D cm or 34.8H x 34.8W x 20D cm 

Tops available ina  range of sizes 



Panton Wire | Chrome-plated steel or lacquered in the colours Black, Snow and Moulin Rouge. 

Tops | Available in smoked glass, white marble or lacquered MDF in Black, New White, Anthracite, Moulin Rouge and Fjord.