Molloy Modular Shelving

6 to 8 Weeks

Elegantly sculptural, the ‘Molloy’ range of dining tables, chairs, shelving and coffee tables feature fluid detailing inspired by a rare act of nature. The idea for the artfully rounded joinery, where two elements meet and seamlessly become one, comes from the unusual meeting of two rivers to form the Molloy River in Western Australia – a place where Adam Goodrum and his family hand-built a holiday home.


Originally a series of timber pieces, Goodrum extends the ‘Molloy’ collection with the launch of the ‘Molloy Modular’ range – a contemporary take on the original designs using powder-coated aluminium legs in place of timber. The use of aluminium means each piece can be individually customised in length, height and width, and can also be assembled on-site, easing the transport and installation process. 



Natural Ash, Black Stained Ash, Oak, Walnut



Polished Aluminium, Black Powdercoat, White Powdercoat



Depth - 300 / 450 mm

Width - 300 / 450 / 900 / 1350 / 1800 mm 

Height - 550 / 950 / 1350 / 1750 mm