Mater Box System

12 to 14 Weeks


A multifunctional range of shelf boxes for wall mounting. Works as a lounge table as well. The boxes are made from the wood of mango trees, making it sustainable. The tree is grown and tended for, and once the productive life of the tree is over, it is cut down and another one is planted. Incidentally, mango, as a fruit is widely consumed across the country hence the wood is plentiful. The workshop has actively participated in the fair trade programme Susbiz India, externally managed and audited by the Danish federation of small and medium-sized enterprises.



Extra Small

L 340mm x H 200mm x D 170mm


L 400mm x H 250mm x D 250mm


L 500mm x H 340mm x D 340mm


L 710mm x H 400mm x D 340mm



Sustainably harvested natural mango wood 



Natural (XS, S, M), sirka grey stain (all sizes), black stain (XS, S)