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Lens Boxes
Lens BoxesLens BoxesLens Boxes
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Thomas Jenkins' Lens boxes for Wrong for Hay are simultaneously design features and storage boxes. The opacity of the box is perfect for stowing away household bric-a-brac. Crafted in smooth marble, the shape is inspired by projector lenses.



Available in combinations of glass, cork, solid maple, sandstone, limestone and marble.



Lens boxes are available in timber, cork, clear glass, yellow (limestone), red (sandstone), black, green and white.



Height / Diameter

Small lid: 20mm / 100mm

Small base: 40mm / 100mm

Small box (base + lid): 50mm / 100mm

Medium lid: 25mm / 140mm

Medium base: 40mm / 140mm

Medium box (base + lid): 55mm / 140mm