12 to 14 Weeks


The Juicy pendant design by the award winning design duo Kasper Salto & Thomas Sigsgaard is logical, simple and functional. The various parts of the lamp; the wire, cone and shade come together seamlessly, which makes the pendant seem like an organic whole. Towards the bottom, Juicy is finished off with a honeycomb-filter, which effectively concentrates the light while preventing dazzling at the same time. It softens the light and contributes to the experience of a warm and friendly light. Juicy’s glossy surface is visually broken by a shining ring, which marks where the lamp is to be separated for change of light source.



H 440mm x Ø 435mm



Drawn aluminium, die cast zinc alloy anodizing, polycarbonate honeycomb diffuser



Black/white high-gloss lacquer

Black/white PVC cord, length 6 m, black/white canopy

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