Demon Shelf

12 to 14 Weeks


Mathieu Matégot's organic forms and lightness of touch create a sense of joy and the ground breaking and innovative techniques that he applied resulted in unique aesthetics and, above all, contemporary designs. Today, Matégot's designs are equally fit for the purpose as when they were originally conceived, and his legendary designs are both timeless and classic.


The Biblio-Démon modular shelving system was designed in the years 1952-1954, is a beautiful and timeless design. Consisting of black painted metal brackets and three to five shelves, which are available in four different lenghts, it is possible to combine a number of

different systems.



3 Shelves

H 1050mm x W 950/1550/2150/2750mm

4 Shelves

H 1400mm x W 950/1550/2150/2750mm

5 Shelves

H 1550mm x W 950/1550/2150/2750mm



The veneered shelves come in natural oak, natural walnut and black stained ash. The metal brackets are lacquered in black.

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