Colour Glass

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Colour Glass is a collection of drinking glasses in Scholten & Baijings’s characteristic colour universe. Golden dots on the base. Solid colour patches and delicate golden grids. Soft gradual transitions between colour and glass in water glasses, wine glasses and carafes. The collection has a minimalist expression but exuberant decoration and colours in cross-combinations of patterns, colours and functions.



Water glass low/ H 6,9 x Ø 7,3 cm (4 pcs. in a box)

Water glass high/ H 8,8 x Ø 6,6 cm (4 pcs. in a box)

Carafe/ H 25,8 x Ø 9,1 cm

Red wine/ H 20,1 x Ø 8,4 cm (2 pcs.)

White wine/ H 18 x Ø 6,8 cm (2 pcs.)

Champagne/ H 18,9 x Ø 5,5 cm (2 pcs.)



Crystal glass



Carafe/ Blue gradient, yellow gradient, golden dot

Water glass low/ Blue gradient, yellow gradient, golden dot

Water glass high/ Blue gradient, yellow gradient, golden dot

Red wine/ Gold Lines, pink square

White wine/ Gold Lines, black lines

Champagne/ Gold lines


Care Instructions

The glasses are made of crystal glass. Each glass has been hand blown and hand decorated.

The glasses should be washed by hand only. Clean with a soft sponge to avoid scratching the decorative surface.

These glasses should never be cleaned in the dishwasher.