Chameleon table system

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Named after its ability to cleverly adapt to its environment, Chameleon is an agile structure that takes commercial configuration to new levels. Its range of articulated features are a product of extensive engineering, offering limitless dimensional, typological and aesthetic table solutions with a singular design language. With an overall aesthetic that reflects the seamlessness of its mechanics, the Chameleon is refined in its engineering, functional in design and versatile in form, ready to adapt to the dynamic world for which it was designed.


Chameleon will be in stores and available for order from February, 2019. 

Click here to view the Chameleon catalogue. 


Shape and size options

1. Circular, 3-leg | Ø800mm (min), Ø1000mm (max)

2. Circular, 4-leg | Ø1100mm (min), Ø2000mm (max)

3. Circular, 6-leg + 1 centre | Ø2100mm (min), Ø2400mm (max)

4. Square/Rectangular/Elliptical/Super Elliptical, 4-leg | 800mm x 800mm (min), 2400mm x 2400mm (max)

5. Rectangular/Elliptical/Super Elliptical, multi-leg | 2450mm L x 800mm W (min), 6400mm L x 2400mm W (max)

6. D-End, 5 leg (flat-angled leg only) | 1500mm L x 1000mm W (min), 3000mm L x 1500mm W (max)

7. Barrel, multi-leg | 1600mm L x 800/1000mm W (min), 6400mm L x 2200/2400mm W (max)

8. Workstation, multi-leg | 1200 L x 600 W mm (min), 1800mm L x 900mm W (max) per “station”

9. Custom shapes | Frame articulation allows corner joint positions at 15 degree intervals to suit endless possibilities in top shapes. Enquire within. 



Black or Off-white


Top material

Suitable with a solid timber, veneer and laminate table top options

Leg shape

Flat-angled or Round-vertical


Leg angle

The flat-angled leg articulation allows for leg positions at 15 degree intervals


Cable Management

Flat-angled and round-vertical legs feature lay-in cable routing with power & data separation capabilities for up to 6 cables at 11.5mm diameter, with removable clip cover.


Renderings by Large Arts.