Bower Armchair

8 to 12 Weeks

Bower is Goodrum’s first collection for the commercial market that includes a workpod, armchair, meeting lounge and a range of adjustable acoustic screens. With ‘Bower’ Goodrum sought to break away from the rigidity often associated with office and breakout furniture. Inspired by the rambling-style nests created by the bowerbird, the ‘Bower’ range is open, organic and gentle, bringing a natural and calm aesthetic to workplaces. The vertical woven elements of ‘Bower’ appear to be growing like vines. The architecture of this design also controls acoustics as the undulating shapes catch and absorb noise. Adjustable acoustic screens can be added to the armchair and meeting lounge, creating high back versions with added privacy. Entirely modular, the ‘Bower’ range is designed for ease of assembling on-site in work places, taking into account weight restrictions and lift dimensions. 



Natural Ash, Black Stained Ash, Oak, Walnut



Selected fabrics and leather


Vertical Frame

Natural Ash, Black Stained Ash, Oak, Walnut, Polished Aluminium, Black Aluminium, White Aluminium, Graphite Aluminium, Brass Aluminium, Bronze Aluminium


Weave Upholstery 

Ecoustic selection, Plywood 



Low Back - 975W x 860D x 780H mm

High Back - 975W x 860D x 1435H mm