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As the name suggests, these clear or coloured lidded bowls are perfect for storing bits and bobs – paperclips and business cards in the office, odds and ends in the kitchen or jewellery in the bathroom. The content is revealed at a glance under the clear glass lids or kept out of sight under richly coloured glass with a lid that is slightly larger in circumference than the bowl itself.



Coloured or clear glass


Finishes & Dimensions

Mini - Orange or Clear, Ø 6,5 x H 1,5 cm
XS - Lavender or Clear, Ø 8 x H 1,5 cm
S - Powder or Clear, Ø  10 x H 2 cm
M - Beige or Clear, Ø 11 x H 2 cm
L - Grey or Clear, Ø 13 x H 2,5 cm
XL - Dark Green or Clear, Ø 16 x H 3 cm