Outdoor Upholstery

  • Remove any loose dirt and/or debris.
  • Prepare a cleaning solution of mild detergent and warm water. Use a sponge or a soft bristle brush to clean, use light stokes to brush on the solution in the same direction as the weave of the fabric.Allow cleaning solution to soak into fabric for a few minutes.Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Most hoses have attachments that can be very helpful during this process.Allow fabric to air dry.


Spot Cleaning

  • Apply a light mist of cleaning solution, given above, using a misting spray bottle.
  • Gently work in the solution into the stain by lightly blotting and brushing the affected area with a sponge or very soft bristle brush.
  • Rinse completely with clean, cool water.
  • Blot out excess moisture with a clean, soft towel or sponge. You may also use a Wet Vac to remove excess moisture.
  • Repeat these steps until stain is removed.


Heavy Cleaning for Stubborn Stains and Mildew

  • Outdoor fabrics used in our collection are resistant to mildew growth, however, mildew may grow on dirt and other debris that are not removed from the fabric in a timely manner. To clean mildew, or other stubborn stains:
  • Prepare a solution of 1 cup of bleach and 1/4 cup of mild soap 8 cups of clean water.
  • Spray on entire area and allow to soak into the fabric.
  • Scrub vigorously with a soft bristle brush, sponge, or clean towel.
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean cool water.
  • Allow fabric to air dry.