Danish design brand Vipp is rooted in the manufacture of industrial objects, favouring function over form with a distinct minimalist and timeless aesthetic. Famous for its iconic steel-cylinder pedal bins, originally designed for a hair salon in the 1930s, Vipp now offers a complete range of industrial-purist kitchen and bathroom concepts, along with a minimal collection of furniture, lighting and accessories. With a strong belief in fewer but better products, Vipp chooses timelessness over trends. 

By retaining the DNA of the Vipp pedal bin from 1939 in all parts of the design process, Morten Bo Jensen (Chief Vipp Designer) takes the industrial principles of functionality and brings them into private homes. VIPP distinguishes itself from the booming design industry by only making one type of each product category. In turn each product must be fully resolved and perfected in every detail before it is launched to market. 


Morten Bo Jensen elaborates: “You will never see a younger model of an existing VIPP Product. Instead, our aim is to develop products that make a difference compared to what the industry already covers through a higher quality and better function. It is not just about developing something that is new or di erent for that reason alone. For example, we believe that the market lacked a proper, long-lasting dishwasher brush, and which o ers the possibility to replace the head unlike disposable dishwashing brushes. So we developed our own.”


To best showcase the full Vipp offering, the third generation family has designed the revolutionary Vipp Shelter - a fully functioning prefabricated ‘home’ made in steel and glass. Nestled in the Swedish forest, the shelter includes a living area, a bed loft and a fully-equipped kitchen that offers visitors an unforgettable experiene of the Vipp brand. Building on this, Vipp also recently launched the Vipp Loft; a 400m2 retreat atop the Vipp Head Office in designed by Studio David Thulstrup. Both of these places are available to book, as part of the new Vipp Hotels concept launched this month. 


Vipp is available exclusively in Australia from Cult, with an immersive Vipp Concept Space now open in all Cult Showrooms. 










Vipp is available exclusively in Australia from Cult, with an immersive Vipp Concept Space now open in all Cult Showrooms. Please contact our showrooms for product information, pricing and availability. For regular updates, subscribe to our monthly newsletter and follow @cultdesignau.