Introducing Stack by Zachary Hanna, the newest addition to the NAU collection and winner of the 2018 Mercedes-Benz Design Award. Launching this week at DENFAIR, Stack is an innovative and unique object that simplifies home-living.

Winner of the 2018 Mercedes-Benz Design Award, Stack combines the functionality of several living room objects into one simple yet refined product - a lamp, a bookshelf and a side table.


Crafted from solid natural timber with seamlessly integrated wiring, Stack is a thoughtful, timeless and unique object that simplifies home-living. Its sculptural plywood shade creates soft, diffused light, gently illuminating its strong and defined structure.


Officially launching at DENFAIR 2019 on 20 June at NAU stand #602, Stack will be available in oak, ash and walnut finishes with a black stained timber shade.

Since winning the Mercedes-Benz Design Award earlier this year, Hanna has been busy working with the Cult team on bringing his design to life. Pictured here is Hanna with Cult Founder and Director Richard Munao at the Mercedes-Benz Design Award ceremony.

With production starting only a week after the Mercedes-Benz Design Award, the Cult product-development team collaborated with Hanna on the review, development and design testing of Stack.

The original design of Stack, which featured removeable panels to hide its wiring, was tweaked to better streamline the electrical integration. In its final version, the wires that lead to the bulb are channeled internally up to the shade to create a seamless design.

Stack is produced by Canberra based designer and manufacturer Rolf Barfoed, from environmentally-friendly American hardwood timber and LED lights.


Stack will officially launch at DENFAIR 2019 on 20 June at NAU Stand #602.


Sydney-based Zachary Hanna is the newest member of the NAU collective. He aims to solve problems by creating objects, products and furniture that provide functional and beautiful solutions. He is interested in the way in which people interact with the objects around them, and investigates this relationship throughout his work.


Stack launches at DENFAIR 2019 on 20 June at NAU Stand #602 and will be available to purchase in either white oak, walnut or white ash. The first twenty-five pieces are limited edition, featuring an engraved, numbered brass plaque.


Meet Zachary Hanna on Thursday 20 June from 3pm-5pm and again on Saturday 22 June from 12pm-2pm at NAU Stand #602.


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Images courtesy of Broadsheet and Zachary Hanna.