We’re thrilled to announce a new partnership with &tradition – a Danish design brand dedicated to merging traditional Scandinavian design with modern creativity. The full collection is available to explore now at Cult Auckland. 

Young in age but mature in values, &tradition was established in Denmark in 2010, with the desire to bridge the ideals of Nordic tradition with contemporary design thinking. By reshaping, redefining and reinventing materials, techniques and forms, &tradition strives for timeless design, honouring past traditions and continuing to create new ones.


Initially established as a lighting brand, &tradition soon began to broaden its collection, which now spans an array of furniture including armchairs, sofas, tables, coffee tables, desks, chairs and accessories, by established and emerging designers.


Our Auckland showroom features a dedicated &tradition space, home to designs including the recently launched Loafer sofa by Space Copenhagen, the Palette table by Jaime Hayon and the iconic Flowerpot pendant by Verner Panton, with styling by our good friend The Design Chaser.



Launched at Milan furniture fair this year, the Loafer dining chair is a lighter and narrower version of its predecessor, the iconic Loafer armchair by Space Copenhagen. Paired perfectly here with Mezcla by Jaime Hayon, a table characterised by its mix of exclusive materials – wood, marble and steel.

The Pavilion chair by Anderssen & Voll was designed for The Langelinie Pavilion in Copenhagen. Echoing this iconic building’s ability to endure, the Pavilion a stackable chair with a soft aesthetic and curvaceous silhouette.
Formakami by Jaime Hayon are a series of paper lanterns that challenge convention, echoing ancient lanterns of Asian decent, reinvented in a modern aesthetic.

Pushing the idea of lounging to its fullest, Fly is a series that allows the user to sit, lie, rest, and relax. Unlike many of the sofas and easy chairs in Scandinavian design history, Fly does not impose any particular posture onto the sitter. The seat itself is optimised for comfort, with loose cushions for the back that can be arranged according to individual needs.
Tricolore By Sebastian Herkner are handblown vases that play with a spectrum of colours - a third colour is created when the two vases overlap, and further tones appear when the finely crafted glass interacts with sunlight.

Catch by Jaime Hayon, is a chair that welcomes with open arms, featuring serpentine lines that create a playful lightness.

'Seta' – the Spanish word for mushroom – sets the tone for the diminutive, mushroom-like proportions of this quirky table lamp by Jaime Hayon. But a further clue to its identity is signified by the suffix 'go' because this portable lamp – unburdened by an electrical cord – can literally move anywhere.

Designed for the SAS Royal Hotel, Space Copenhagen created a luxurious piece of furniture that provides a sense of intimacy even in open spaces. Paired here with the Lato side table by Luca Nichetto and Journey lamp by Signe Hytte.

True Colour by Lex Pott is a series of seven vases made from different oxidised metals, showing the true colour of each metal — copper, steel, brass, and aluminium — while featuring a contrasting and highly polished segment. 

Combining Italian and Danish influences, the Cloud sofa by Luca Nichetto has a defined shape and soft, welcoming pillows, available in one, two and three-seat sofa options as well as and a pouf. Paired here with The Moor rug by All The Way To Paris and Marble Light by Studio Vit.

Combining the classic and the modern, the maritime and the industrial, Copenhagen is a pendant by Space Copenhagen in matt lacquered black, white or opal metal.

Discover the &tradition collection now at Cult Auckland.