Featuring the work of 26 Australian designers, the third edition of Local Milan by Local Design is the largest independent showcase of Australian design in Milan to date. 

Curated by Local Design founder Emma Elizabeth, the Local Milan exhibition is set within a spectacular palazzo on 5 Vie - the historic heart of Milan and up-and-coming Fuorisalone district that is full of inspiring installations. 


The exhibition appeals to all of the senses - through colour, sight and sound – and showcases more than 30 one-off pieces by Australia’s most talented designers such as Adam Goodrum, Christopher Boots, Henry Wilson, Tom Skeehan and Daniel Emma, along with nau designers, Adam Cornish and Tom Fereday. Here, we take a closer look at the process behind the NAU designers' one-off pieces… 


SIA chair - Limited edition by Tom Fereday, NAU Design

Tom Fereday presents a limited edition forged metal series of the new Sia chair. Working with local artisans in Sydney, the two chair variations are handmade and forged from solid Aluminium and Bronze to re-interpret the minimal slender form. The Sia chair is contrasted by an elegant minimal metal frame which supports the sculptural hand polished cast elements. The Sia chair was the winner of the Mercedes-Benz Design Award and launched recently as part of the nau design collection. The limited edition series follows on from this and presents Sia in a new light.




Rev stool - Limited edition by Adam Cornish, NAU Design

For Local Milan No. 3, Adam Cornish experiments with electroplating to produce one-off coloured finishes for Rev, with the aim to create unique art finishes from an otherwise industrial process. 

Four different coloured solutions are experimented with to make up the base colour, however it is the electrical current that creates the unique patterns and nuances of individual finishes. For each different finish, a different voltage and amperage setting was used to create the desired intensity of colour and marbled pattern. This entire process creates finishes grown on the individual products, each highly unique and individual to the electrical climate in which it was produced, ranging from iridescent golds and blues, through to rich champagne and muted browns and blacks. 




Strand chair, by Adam Cornish resting on glass bricks by Poesia Glass Studio.

Adam Goodrum collaborates with Arthur Seigneur to produce the Bloom cabinet, with over 4,000 custom dyed straw marquetry inlays.

(Clockwise from top left)  Salome, Korban/Flaubert | Bloom cabinet, Adam Goodrum & Arthur Seigneur | NAVE chair, Tom Skeehan | Piece Of Pie coffee table, Jonathan Zawad | Peacock Chiclid (Fish) rug, Emma Elizabeth | SO light, Tom Skeehan.

Voyage screens, Nicholas Fuller | Untitled armchair, Jonathan Zawada

(Top to bottom)  Everything is Golden mirror, Hava Studio | SIA chair, Tom Fereday | Plane table, Fred Ganim | Rev stools, Adam Cornish

Everything is Golden mirror No. 6, Hava Studio | Sydney storage collection, Sagitine in collaboration with Vert Design.

Photo Credit | Fiona Susanto (campaign, SIA), Adam Cornish (campaign, Rev) & courtesy of Local Design (exhibition).


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